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  • Singapore: Huge Norwegian investments

    Norwegian related business establishments have risen to more than 200. We'll introduce you to the Norwegian market movers in Singapore.

    Norway is the world's 6th largest foreign direct investor in Singapore. Norwegian related business establishments have risen to more than 200 - one of the largest Norwegian business concentrations outside of Norway. Norwegian companies in Singapore are also very often regional headquarters for Southeast Asia.

    With an open & pro-business economy and excellent corporate governance, Singapore is an excellent location for Norwegian companies to test-bed their products & services, R&D and springboard to the markets in the region.

    Business opportunities in Singapore cover many sectors, several of which are also Innovation Norway’s focus sectors such as Maritime, Oil & Gas, ICT, Energy & Environment and Healthcare.

    Covert your ideas to hard cash
    In 2012 World Bank and World Economic Forum (WEF) ranked Singapore top on the list of countries where it is easiest to start and run a business. The government is highly attuned to the needs of businesses and it regularly seeks the views and suggestions of the private sector when shaping economic strategies.

    In the analysis of institutions, legislation and relevant services that facilitate business activity, Singapore scores particularly high on efficient import / export procedures, regulating business, efficiency of local authorities, local competition, openness to foreign participation in business, liberal rules for the employment of foreign labour, as well as high ethics and anti-corruption initiatives.

    Today, Singapore is the home to about 7.000 MNCs, 60 percent of which have their regional or global headquarters in Singapore. In addition, there are more than 26.000 international companies and 10,000 foreign SMEs based in Singapore and covering the markets in the region. This is not surprising as Singapore has carefully shaped an environment in which ideas can be turned into businesses easily and profitably.

    Global business, in english
    The Republic of Singapore has a land area of approximately 710 square kilometres. The main land measures 47 kilometres from east to west and 28 kilometres from north to south with a coastline of 246 kilometres. Singapore has a multi-racial population of 5 million people, almost the same number as Norway.

    Approximately 1.8 million people are non-citizens. It is a republic with a parliamentary system of government.  The 3 main ethnic groups are; Chinese 75 percent, Malays 13.5 percent and Indian 9 percent.

    The country has 4 official languages – English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. English is the main language for administration and businesses.



    Innovasjon Norge har kontor i:

    Den norske ambassaden i Singapore

    Singapore er et handelsknutepunkt, finanssentrum og driver for høyteknologisk utvikling innenfor maritim sektor, fornybar energi og smarte byer og samfunn. Singapore er som følge av politisk stabilitet, engelsk forretningsspråk, minimal korrupsjonsfare og et trygt samfunnsliv det enkle og ideelle utgangspunkt for å nå de store vekstmarkedene i Asia. Universitetene og forskningsinstitusjonene er av de høyest rankede i verden. Økosystemet rundt entreprenørskap og kommersialisering av nye ideer er innovativt, velutviklet og ressurssterkt.