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An Open Data driven city challenge for data scientists, data architects, API gurus, open data evangelists, startups and interaction designers and other third parties.

Meet public and private data owners from Norway challenging you to make use of their data.

Who can help us understand the flow, building on our existing open data, mapping it into something a human can understand, creating value for our citizens? We challenge you to come forward!

One of the challenges we are trying to solve, is how the flow of people and traffic can be optimized to help reduce emissions while at the same time creating a more livable city with the right services offered at the right place. Should we move our bus stops, relocate our restaurants and offices, remove parking lots, or close down roads?

The modern city has an increased amount of data harvested from sensors – as well as existing data from the operation of the municipality. These data have a great potential to offer support for better decisions and useful predictions for public governance and can lead to enhanced services for the cities. Made openly available, as open data, this will create a base for value creation for third part actors like private companies and academia.

The Norwegian government and its cities are sharing this data today, through national portals like, and regional portals like

The cities have most of the bits and pieces, with people and bicycle counters, air quality sensors, wifi hotspots, toll roads, sim cards and a whole range of other data gathering mechanisms. But the cities lack the the competency, tools and the systems to combine them all into something useful.

Please join us for a two hour session giving insights into the way the Nordic municipalities are working on this, together with some examples of public-private cooperation and new solutions spawned out of our focus on Open Data.


Good Morning & Welcome!
How Norway is working with its open data eco system

Heidi Austlid

CEO ICT Norway



How large companies co-create with small companies and create astonishin results for society

Nils Ola Bark

CEO Atea, Stavanger

Stavangers Open Data Platform

Stavanger is the lead city in Norway when it comes to liberating data. Learn about the challenges they invite entrepreneurs come help them solve for their city, based in their data

Gunnar Crawford

Smart City Director of Stavanger

City Bikes & Open Data

Oslos open data has given its city bike start-up company new understanding of how to improve their services. Urban Infrastructure Partner started in Oslo, and are now scaling up internationally based on their Oslo experience.

Johan Høgåsen Hallesby

CTO Urban Sharing

Panel Debate

Who owns the data?

How do we secure right ownership of data?

How do we secure a democratic value extracation?

How about sustainability and open data?



Who should attend:

Data scientists, data architects, API gurus, open data evangelists, startups and interaction designers and other third parties. The event is open to all and you do not need to sign up, just show up!


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