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  • Smart City programs and events

    The global Smart City market is enormous, and most cities around the world now have Smart City initiatives and projects, either up and running or in the pipeline. This represents a huge opportunity for export of Norwegian green-technology companies.

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    Our ambition is to make sure Norwegian technologies and companies play an important role in this urban & green transition. Norwegian and Nordic technology has great credibility in relation to sustainability During 2017 we have a number of interesting activities in selected markets throughout the world with a double objective:

    1. Giving Norwegian companies business opportunities.
    2. Showcasing Norwegian solutions through pilots and promoting the most forward leaning Norwegian cities.

    You can take be a part of this through the following events:

    Mobile World Congress 2019

    Mobile World Congress 2019

    Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the world’s largest fair for mobile communications, bringing together the latest innovations and leading-edge technology from more than 2,400 leading companies.

    Mobile World Congress 2019

    Showcasing and exploring Nordic Sustainable Urban Solutions

    Pitch your ideas and solutions to Nordic and International city challenges

    The Sustainable Urban Solutions conference in Copenhagen will provide a unique opportunity for Norwegian companies to pitch smart and sustainable city solutions to Nordic and International cities.

    Norwegian solutions providers will have the opportunity to establish connections with the cities they are interested in, they will have the opportunity to present ideas and solutions to the workshop audience and they can network with potential partners.

    Norwegian cities have the possibility to pitch in with their experience, get inspiration from other cities and they have the possibility to network with other cities and solutions providers.

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    Water sector innovation conference 2018

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    New York, May 8-10 2018

    Nordic Delegation to Smart Cities New York 2018

    Smart Cities New York (SCNY) is North America’s leading global conference on smart city innovation and infrastructure. From May 8 to10, 2018 SCNY will bring together local and international leaders and influencers to tackle real-world challenges and advance the solutions that will create smarter, safer, and more resilient global cities.

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    SMART MOBILITY - Germany and US

    Global Growth - Mobility Infrastructure

    (March - September 2018)

    (Foto: Thinkstock)

    Discover your business potential in one of the fastest changing industries in Europe and the US.

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    Autonomous Vehicles and Manufacturing

    (Autumn 2018)

    Get a first-hand glimpse into the future of the automobile from the research labs of major car manufacturers. Learn about the automotive technologies they are currently working on, as well as the needs and opportunities they see for their rapidly changing industry.

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    Nordic Edge Expo 2018 in Stavanger 25th – 27th September

    Nordic Edge Expo 2018

    - Smart with a heart -

    Welcome to the largest Smart City Arena in the Nordics!

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    Smart City EXPO Barcelona

    Smart City EXPO 2018

    The Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona is the world’s largest meeting place within the Smart City market. It brings together 600 exhibitors and over 18 000 participants from businesses and cities from all around the world.

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    New Market Entry Program Smart Cities in India

    Global Growth - Tech Solutions for Smart Cities in India

    New market entry program for Norwegian tech companies offering solutions for Indian Smart Cities. Do you want to gain greater understanding of the Indian Smart Cities Mission and the business opportunities it offers to companies such as yourselves?

    Learn more about the program

    GLOBAL GROWTH – Circular Economy Poland

    Global Growth – Circular Economy Poland

    Global Growth – Circular Economy Poland is an Innovation Norway project intended for Norwegian companies who have technologies and solutions for the waste and water sector, willing to expand their business on the Polish market.

    Learn more about the project