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Sweden aims to be the best in the world of using the possibilities of digitalization and e-health in order to achieve good and equal health and welfare. The health sector still need solutions that enable this ambition. Norwegian innovative healthtech companies can play an important role here.

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The Swedish market is interested in new digital solutions that will make healthcare more efficient and provide "more care per invested SEK". Areas like out-of-hospital care, with remote monitoring of patients and on smart solutions that streamline the care process and increase quality in the meeting with the patient, are of interest. A growing focus is also related to AI and data-driven care.

Norway and Sweden face similar challenges when it comes to the health sector with an increasingly aging population, significant differences in access to healthcare between urban and rural areas, and the need to be able to deliver more services with fewer resources. At the same time, increased digitalization is taking place throughout society and digital innovation can be the solution to many of the challenges the health sector faces.

Who should participate

This program is designed for Norwegian companies that operate in the health sector and are in a growth phase. The focus is on companies that have innovative digital solutions within welfare technology, "out of hospital care" and other preventive solutions for health and elderly care.

A prerequisite for participation is that the companies must have a proven track record in doing business with customers in Norway (or another country) and can demonstrate a strong reference case. Participating companies must also have a stable financial situation and personnel resources to grow internationally and be committed to the program.

What you will benefit from the program

Participating companies will gain knowledge about the Swedish health market and get important insights in how to succeed in doing business in Sweden.

The aim of the program is for participating companies to gain a clear understanding of the market's needs, the buyers' working methods and requirements, and to have the opportunity to build relationships with relevant actors via the visits to Sweden.

In addition to the general program individual coaching and support to each company is included.


Gathering 1: Kick off – 28-29 November, Oslo
Introduction to the program, inspiration from companies that have succeeded in their internationalization and training in sales communication/pitching.

Gathering 2: E-health conference and meeting with investors, 25-26 January, Stockholm
Participation at the conference "Meeting place Welfare technology and e-Health 2023" where you will meet potential partners and customers. It is also planned that the embassy will host an evening event where representatives from the investors community will share their experiences from investments in health companies and give insight on how Swedish investor thinks.

Gathering 3: Succeed with your business in Sweden, TBD (March or April)
Focus on acquiring knowledge and insights about how to succeed in doing business with various stakeholders in Sweden through meetings with potential partners, purchasers, and procurement experts.

Gathering 4: Vitalis, 23-25 May, Göteborg
Participation in the Nordics' leading conference and fair for e-health: Vitalis. In conjunction to the conference, we plan to arrange some dedicated activities based on the profile of the group.

In between the four gatherings there will be digital seminars and 1-to-1 coaching between the IN advisors and participating companies.

Participant fee

  • NOK 30.000 for SMEs (Small and medium sized enterprises*)
  • NOK 50.000 for large companies

Attendance at the two conferences/fairs that are a part of the Global Growth-program are included in the participant fee.

Expenses for travel and hotel etc. are not included in the participation fee and are paid by the company itself.

*Innovation Norway defines and SME as being a company with less than 250 employees, and an annual turnover not exceeding EUR 50 million OR a balance sheet not exceeding EUR 43 million. If the company does not fulfil both of these criteria it is considered a large enterprise. Also, if a company is owned more than 25% by a large enterprise it is not considered an SME.

Deadline and selection

Register your interest in the program by submitting your information in the fields below. The registration is not binding but will give a first meeting with us at Innovation Norway and include you in the selection process.

Please note that the number of participating companies in the program will be limited and that the selection of participants will take place continuously. We are planning to have the selection process finalized and participating companies chosen by the end of October.


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