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Global Growth - high-end tourism in the UK

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Are you a company with ambitions to succeed in the high-end tourism market? Do you have a product that delivers high quality, exclusive and tailor-made experiences? Do you want closer cooperation with other Norwegian companies within this segment? Then Global Growth "Signature Norway" could be something for you.

Norwegian version

Innovation Norway has so far not worked systematically towards the luxury market in the UK, but the combination of growth within the segment, the consumer's increased focus on experiences and the fact that the UK has an orderly business culture, means that we see this as a focus area going forward.

While the high-end segment has traditionally been associated with 5-star hotels and luxury, several surveys show that authentic experiences, exciting activities, and gastronomy are increasingly important for the high-end tourist. This creates opportunities for Norway.

The UK market has great potential– it is one of the largest outbound travel markets in the world and travel continues to be a high priority for the Brits, despite difficult economic times. The country is seeing a growth within the high-end segment which is outperforming general tourism. This growth can be attributed to the wealthier Baby Boomer segment, which is less price sensitive than younger age groups, but also to increased wealth for the already wealthy people. The UK is also important when it comes to sustainability as it is the market that gets the highest score when using Innovation Norway’s climate calculator, where CO2 emissions are measured against daily spend when on holiday in Norway.

Who should apply

  • Companies that offer quality year-round products, where exclusivity and flexibility are part of the offering.
  • Companies that offer tourism products with a clear sustainability element and that fit the UK market.
  • The company should work with multiple segments – not a narrow niche
  • The company should have healthy finances
  • Participants need to have the capacity to participate in the entire programme (we would like to see at least two employees involved so that there is always someone to step in), and participation in the project must be endorsed by the company’sboard
  • Companies that are collaborative when entering new markets, and that are willing to share expertise and experience.
  • Participants must have a desire to cooperate and share expertise and experience with other Norwegian companies.
  • The company needs to be ready, willing and able for internationalisation and growth (i.e.have English web page)

What you get

The Global Growth programme is a B2B project, and the overall long-term goal is to increase sales in the UK market. But the project is not just about selling products:

  1. Increased market insight
    1. Educationalcontent
    2. Introduction to British buyers
    3. Product development
  2. Strengthened sales pitch/business model
    1. Sales-pitch training
    2. Evaluation of business model
    3. Sales leads
  3. Norwegian network/clusters
    1. Network gatherings
    2. Competencesharing

Program and timeline

Application deadline: 29 February

  • Friday 15 March: Selection and interview process
  • Friday 22 March: Attendance
  • April: Kick-off webinar
  • April: Pitch training webinar incl. One-to-one sessions
  • May: Kick-off in Oslo with relevant speakers and introduction to the market
  • September: Fam-trip. In connection with this, all partners will get to pitch their product to the British buyers and we will organise a networking dinner
  • September/October: Prepare for market visit pitch training webinar
  • October/November: Workshop and networking event in the UK

Times and activities may change slightly.

Participant fee

NOK 25,000 SMEs

NOK 40,000 for larger businesses 

Please note that travel and accommodation costs are additional.

The link below is not for registration, but important for showing interest.

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