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Global Growth Hydrogen and CCUS France

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In the ongoing race to develop low-carbon hydrogen, France is determined to take on a leading role and to become a European champion. Strong political will and a solid industrial base are driving the growth of the sector, providing business opportunities in the years to come across the entire value chain. The window of opportunity for Norwegian companies wishing to enter the market is now. Join our Global Growth program to explore this unique opportunity!

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Great possibilities

The hydrogen maritime and CCUS revolution are underway in France. Since the launch of the French government’s acceleration strategy for carbon-free hydrogen in 2020 they are experiencing an unprecedented dynamic of hydrogen development. France sees hydrogen as a strategic carrier for a successful ecological transition and have vowed €9.3 billion to the development of the sector between 2020 and 2030. In addition, €5 billion is vowed to support carbon capture projects. With this funding they aim to become a leading nation in green hydrogen production by 2030.

The developments in the French hydrogen market represent a significant opportunity for Norwegian companies with solutions applicable in the hydrogen sector.

The Global Growth program for hydrogen maritime and CCUS will be supported by Team Norway in France, consisting of Innovation Norway, the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (CCFN), H2Cluster – The Norwegian Hydrogen Cluster, The Norwegian Hydrogen Forum (NHF) and Maritime CleanTech.

Why you should join

The goal of the Global Growth program is to aid your company increase exports by better understanding the French hydrogen maritime and CCUS market.

The program will combine preparatory market orientation courses in Norway in addition to market visits to France. Through the program you will get to meet key companies, major groups and institutional stakeholders driving the development of the French hydrogen maritime and CCUS sector.

By joining the program you will get access to the tools that Team Norway has as it's disposal in France. These tools include access to network, expertise, and resources to progress on business opportunities in France. We will help you identify potential customers and partners, as well as provide the support needed all the way from initial introductions to the finalization of the deals.

After partaking in this Global Growth program, you will have gained knowledge and understanding of the French hydrogen maritime and CCUS market, a valuable network of French partners and clients, identified project opportunities as well as have the insight required to succeed in the French market.

Who are you?

Ambitious companies with products and services with relevant applications for the French hydrogen maritime and CCUS sector, an export strategy with a strong foundation in executive management and board, sufficient financial resources and the capacity for investment, as well as the ability to scale up, are encouraged to apply to become a part of the program.


The program will consist of 8 gatherings and 2 market visits to France over a period of 8 months, with kick-off in August 2023.

  • 31 August: Kick-off in Oslo and cultural training
  • 1-8 August: One-to-one pitch training and building network (online)
  • 1-8 August: One-to-one preparation before the first market visit (online)
  • 11-13 September: First market visit to France (Paris and Pays de la Loire)
  • 18 September: Joint review of the first market visit (online)
  • 2 October: French market update workshop – H2 maritime (online)
  • 15 October: Financing growth (online)
  • 2 November: French market update workshop – H2/CCUS (online)
  • 16-17 January 2024: H2 Maritime and CCUS Forum in Paris and second market visit to France (Dunkirk)
  • January 2024: One-to-one preparation before the second market visit (online)
  • 30 January-1 February 2024 (optional): Hyvolution Paris – Europe’s leading H2 event
  • 20 February 2024: Joint review of the second market visit (online)
  • 14 March 2024: French market update workshop (online)
  • 27-28 March 2024 (optional): Hyports conference on the maritime sector in Toulon
  • April 2024: Final gathering in Oslo

One-to-one follow-ups throughout the program.

Application deadline and Participation fee

Application deadline: 9 June 2023.

NOK 30 000,- for SMEs*

NOK 50 000,- for large companies.

*Innovation Norway defines and SME as being a company with less than 250 employees, and an annual turnover not exceeding EUR 50 million OR a balance sheet not exceeding EUR 43 million. If the company does not fulfil both criteria it is considered a large enterprise. Also, if a company is owned more than 25 % by a large enterprise it is not considered an SME.


In the case of any questions, please contact us or register in the form below and we will get back to you promptly.

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