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    • The Energy and Environment sector of Indonesia

      With more than 25 cities of the size bigger than Oslo, with increasing urbanization and with some top ranked cities when it comes to population density, Indonesia faces some big challenges of the envi...


    • Utilize the world's biggest potential tourist market

      Do you want to attract more Chinese visitors and tourists? Or are you looking to establish contacts with the key decision makers in the Chinese travel industry? Are you interested in distributing info...


    • Healthcare: Booming market and expanding middle-class

      Do you want to provide healthcare to the world’s most populous country? With more than 950 000 medical institutions, China is a big market that is growing fast. We can help you penetrate this market.


    • Marine: The big catch is in China

      Are you in the seafood, aquaculture, biotech or fishing industry and looking to expand into new international markets? Then China is the place to for you. We can help guide you in this challenging mar...


    • Betalingsforhold

      Valutarestriksjoner Valutatransaksjoner skal rapporteres til den brasilianske sentralbanken. Ved innreise og utreise av utenlandsk valuta kreves en "Letter of exchange". Brasilianske sentralbanken kre...