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NorAlumni was developed and maintained cooperatively by the Research Council of Norway and Innovation Norway, with the support of Norwegian consulates and embassies, the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education, and Norwegian business associations worldwide.

NorAlumni China is a way for Chinese students who have studied in Norway and young professionals who have worked in Norway to get involved in China-Norway relations and establish or expand your existing network of students and researchers, and receive updates on Sino-Norwegian collaboration and events. and Vice-versa to Norwegian students and/ or professionals here in China.

We want NorAlumni China to benefit our members through expanding your personal networks. We want membership to open the door to a myriad of opportunities – job requests, invitations, updates on what is happening in Norway and in China, academic projects and tenures, along with the chance to attend both formal and informal events in both China and Norway.

NorAlumni China has various social media tools to reasure the most convinient and efficient communication between its members:

  • NorAlumni China LinkedIn Group (this is also where you subscribe to become a member). Search "NorAlumni China 挪中同学录" on LinkedIn and join the group.

  • NorAlumni China Facebook Group (search "NorAlumni China 挪中同学录" on Facebook and join the group).

  • NorAlumni China Wechat Groups (there are four wechat groups, contact us to get access)
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