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    • Bjørn Taale Sandberg - Telenor Research

      Bjørn Taale is Senior Vice President and head of Telenor Research. Telenor Research is the internal scientific research unit of the Telenor Group and focuses on Next Generation Networks (5G), Artifici...


    • Nicholas C. Niggli - Republic and State of Geneva

      Nicholas is Deputy Secretary General at Republic and State of Geneva. He is responsible for reinforcing Geneva as a premier global hub for internet, cybersecurity and AI governance as well as for sust...


    • Serge Lemonde - NVIDIA

      Serge Lemonde launched the Inception program for AI Startups at NVIDIA for EMEA and India in May 2016 and now leads this program at a World Wide level.  


    • Andrew Macadam - Microsoft for Startups

      Andrew is the Managing Director for Microsoft Startups in Western Europe, covering 15 countries, where he engages to identify, support and develop startups who have the potential to be incredible busi...


    • 21st Annual German Norwegian Energy Forum



      Gemeinschaftshaus der Nordischen Botschaften, Rauchstraße 1, D-10787 Berlin

      What is impacting tomorrow's Energy Sector? Drivers, Dynamics and Emerging Trends.

    • Bioøkonomi

      Landbruk i Tyskland, slik som landbruk i mange andre europeiske land, har den utfordringen at antallet plantevernmidler som er sertifisert til bruk minker, samt vil fortsette å minke fremover.


    • Maritim næring

      As Norway, Germany is a strong maritime nation and offers several opportunities for Norwegian maritime companies and suppliers. The following information is based on the strategic paper "Maritime Agen...