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Trade Mission Chile - green hydrogen

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Chile is an attractive market for Norwegian companies looking to provide solutions and services for production, storage and transportation of green hydrogen. Chile's combination of abundant renewable resources, low-cost energy production, investments, and commitment to decarbonization turns it in a compelling hub for green hydrogen production.

Norwegian version

April 2024: Trade Mission Chile takes a group of Norwegian companies to Santiago de Chile and Antofagasta region for a three days market visit to explore Chilean Hydrogen Market. Including gatherings and webinars before and after the trip. Participants will have the opportunity to make important contacts and to develop sales leads in Chile.

Who should apply

  • Ambitious and export-oriented entrepreneurs who want to meet and seize upcoming opportunities in the rising hydrogen market in Chile.
  • Norwegian technology and service companies in hydrogen domain that want to increase their knowledge and build business contacts in South America.
  • Participating companies should have some revenue, and the capacity to prepare for and carry out the planned Trade Mission activities.

What you get

Introduction to the main opportunities, main players, and stakeholders in the novel Hydrogen industry in Chile. Training by market experts, and support on business leads.

Preparation for the target market including meetings with market advisors and local experts.

A Market Visit with introduction to local players and stakeholders - Government representatives, Industry Associations, regulation bodies - visiting large players and potential clients, as well as technical visits.

Program and timeline

  • Jan. 2024: Registration
  • February 2024: 1st Preparation Meeting
  • March 2024: 2nd Preparation Meeting
  • April 2024: 3 Days trade mission to Chile
  • 1:1 follow up advisory and guidance

Planned program for the market visit

15 April

  • Internal Workshop at Norwegian Embassy in Chile.
  • Workshop with Statkraft Chile. 
  • Visit to the Chilean Hydrogen Association (H2 Chile).

16 April

  • Meeting Chilean Government Entities to discuss Chile's hydrogen strategy, support and initiatives.
  • Workshop with Chilean Mining Societyto discuss the integration of hydrogen into the mining sector.
  • Attend a networking Reception with key stakeholders in the hydrogen sector.

17 April

  • Meetings with main developers in Chile (local and international players).
  • Flight to Antofagasta.

18 April

  • Field visit to Antofagasta: A region known for its mining industry and renewable energy potential. Antofagasta is home of several H2 projects.
  • Visit to Green Hydrogen hub of Antofagasta.
  • Visit to Mejillones Port.

Participation fee

The participation fee of NOK 10 000 is to cover the costs associated with organizing the programme, networking events and relevant activities. The participation fee does not include flights, accommodation and meals outside the programme.

You can register your interest until March 15th 2024.

Contact persons

Bilde av : Bruno Leinio
Bruno Leinio
Bilde av : Ivar-Jo Baunbæk Theien
Ivar-Jo Baunbæk Theien


Norwegian Energy Partners
Eirik Melaaen, Ph.D., Director LNG, Hydrogen & CCUS
Email: eirik.melaaen@norwep.com

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What is Trade Mission?

Trade Mission is an export program that consists of a group of Norwegian companies that want to learn more about international growth.

The companies go on a 2-3 day trade delegation to a specific market, and participate in webinars before and after this journey. The purpose is to establish or increase exports in this market.

Trade Mission gives the participants a unique insight and access to potential customers and partners in the specific export market.

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