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Global Growth - Green Maritime France

Tourist ferry on the River Seine, Paris, France© GettyImages
Within the dynamic maritime sector, France strategically positions itself at the nexus of active maritime routes, showcasing the world's second-largest exclusive economic zone and an extensive inland water network. Conversely, Norway exhibits a robust maritime ecosystem, well-established value chain, and proven low and zero-emission solutions, rendering them ready for export.

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The Global Growth Program for Green Maritime is dedicated to advancing sustainable maritime practices in the French market, with a focus on enhancing exports, fostering valuable partnerships, and providing essential insights for success within the maritime sector for the participants.

The initiative’s focal point is to effectively position Norwegian shipyards, equipment manufacturers, and service providers in the French markets for green maritime passenger vessels. This strategic placement aims to leverage the increasing demand for environmentally sustainable maritime solutions.

France's maritime landscape is distinguished, comprising an impressive 564 harbors, collectively managing a substantial 360 million tons of goods annually and servicing approximately 30 million passengers. This substantiates the vast potential residing within the French maritime sector. In a significant stride towards promoting innovation and expediting the maritime sector's decarbonization, the French government has allocated a substantial public support fund of 300 million Euros in January 2023. This infusion of funding is directed towards nurturing innovation and propelling the integration of green practices within the maritime industry over the ensuing four years, thus aligning with overarching sustainability goals.

Program structure

Duration: 8 months

  • 6 gatherings fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration.
  • 2 market visits aimed at comprehending the French maritime market and identifying opportunities.
  • 15 hours of personalized advisory sessions allocated for each participant.

The Global Growth Program for Green Maritime is supported by Team Norway France, comprising Innovation Norway, Maritime CleanTech, the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (CCFN), and the Norwegian Embassy in France.


Innovation Norway:

Stephanie Volpe – stephanie.volpe@innovationnorway.no, +33 6 35 41 73 11

Maritime CleanTech:

Håvard Tvedte - haavard@maritimecleantech.no, +47 926 30 119

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